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Pixels and Vectors

Adobe Photoshop is a pixel based application. It has the capabilities to create beautiful textures, blends and effects. Beauty does come at a price in the form of file sizes. It's not uncommon for files to reach 100+ megs.

Files created for websites are typically 72 ppi (pixels per inch), while most home/office printers will need 233 to 300 ppi for crisp printing. Service bureaus like GotPrint require 350 ppi.

Although Photoshop does allow the user to resize images, use caution when creating for the printed page. A low resolution file 4" x 5" at 72 ppi resized to 8" x 10" at 300 ppi will result in a blurry image. Best results are achieved when reducing images and being mindful of output resolution requirements.


Adobe Illustrator is a vector based application. In contrast to Photoshop's use of pixels, vector uses mathematical calculations to create images. Therefore they can be enlarged or reduced with absolute clarity. Art the size of a business card could be reproduced as big as a highway billboard. In addition, even colorful complex designs are relatively small in file size (10 megs or less).

Vector effects have improved greatly over the last decade, however gradations/blends and other specialties in my opinion are best applied in Photoshop.

Pre-press Fractions to Inches

1/8" = .125

1/4" = .25

3/8" = .375

1/2" = .5

5/8" = .625

3/4" = .75

7/8" = .875

1" = 1

For more fractions and conversions view this website.

Common ALT key codes (for pc)

TM = 0153

= 0174

= 0169

= 0162

= 0149

= 0188

= 0189

= 0190

For more pc & mac codes view this website.

Common HTML coding

<b> bold </b> = bold

<u> underline </u> = underline

<i> italic </i> = italic

<p> </p> = paragraph break

<br> </br> = forced line break

For more HTML coding view this website.

Web Safe Colors with Hex Codes

For all web colors view this website.

Different strokes for different folks

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